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Greek unemployment rate at 12.1% in June

Greek City Times 12 Aug 2022
Greek unemployment rate eased to 12.1% of the workforce in June, from 12.5% in May and 15% in June 2021, Hellenic Statistical Authority said on Wednesday ... Major reforms and investments are also foreseen in the Greek recovery and resilience plan ... economy, finance, Greece news, Greek economy, Greek finance, Greek news, Greek unemployment.

Tales From Europe: Eurozone Crisis Shows The Argument For Bitcoin

Bitcoin Magazine 10 Aug 2022
Lehman Brothers — who you may have heard of as the poster boys of banking failure — went under with $619 billion in debt, one-fifth of this $3 trillion figure ... Global Debt ... It is a currency where straggling Greek and Irish economies can’t drag it to the brink, where sovereign (fiat) debt burdens don’t matter.

Greece’s Public Debt Reached 193% of GDP

Armstrong Economics 09 Aug 2022
Greece’s debt problem has been unrelenting ... The Greek Statistical Service (ELSTAT) collected data noting a €13.417 billion increase in public debt from the first quarter of 2021 to the second quarter of 2022 ... Greek’s public debt has reached 193% of GDP and has surpassed €357 billion.

ECB stock of Irish bonds up almost €600m in June and July ahead of hike

Irish Independent 09 Aug 2022
The ECB ended net purchases under its pandemic-era bond-buying program in March and cut buying under its long-standing Public Sector Purchase Programme (PSPP) before ending it finally in July as part of a ‘normalisation’ policy to contract the bank’s ...

69 years to the day since Greece forgave Germany’s war debt

Greek City Times 08 Aug 2022
On February 27, 1953, German-led creditors of the United States gathered in London to settle Germany’s debt, in particular West Germany’s debt. German debt (pre-war and post-war) amounted to DM 32 billion, not counting war reparations and allowances ...  What is the London Debt Accord? ... How much of Germany’s debt was cancelled?.

ECB injects billions of euro into weaker euro zone debt markets

The Irish Times 08 Aug 2022
Between June and July, the ECB injected €17 billion into Italian, Spanish and Greek markets, while allowing its portfolio of German, Dutch and French debt to fall by €18 billion, according to Financial Times calculations based on the central bank’s data ... debt crisis a decade ago.

Greek air-conditioning limits test country’s resolve to support Ukraine

The Spokesman-Review 06 Aug 2022
Greeks are asking what they should be sacrificing for Ukraine after years of suffering under austerity that cut pensions and slashed government spending ... That era, sparked by the global financial crisis and Greek government debt, nearly led to Greece’s being ejected from the euro zone and left a generation impoverished.

Foreign investors eye €290m debt portfolio of 75 Greek hotels

Greek City Times 03 Aug 2022
Foreign investors are showing an interest in a portfolio of defaulted Greek hotel loans offered for sale by debt-collecting company Intrum ... debt, Foreign investors, greece, Greece news, Greek hotels, Greek news, greek news now, greek news on demand ... Greek NEWS WORLD Greek Sports ...

KOS: British tourists flee in panic as 3 metre shark circles idyllic Greek beach

Greek City Times 03 Aug 2022
Visitors to the Greek island of Kos fled in panic as a monster shark, approximately three and a half metres in length, chased swimmers out of the water ... An international flight lands in Greece every 5 minutes – Record tourist numbers on the Greek islands ... Previous Article Foreign investors eye €290m debt portfolio of 75 Greek hotels.

Foreign interest in Greek hotel debt sale

Ekathimerini 02 Aug 2022
Foreign investors, such as Bain Capital and the US-based Apollo fund, have shown significant interest in a portfolio of defaulted loans by Greek hotels that debt collector Intrum is selling ... .

CNAS plans for Asia (and Blinken's cash machine)

The Manila Times 31 Jul 2022
AFTER his travel to Cambodia for the US-Asean minister's meeting, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will visit Manila and meet with President Marcos and Foreign Affairs Secretary Enrique Manalo ... Blinken’s cash machine FROM DifferenceGroup ... An ex-Goldman Sachs banker, Mezvinsky had launched a hedge fund to profit from the Greek debt crisis ... Dr ... 2022.

Çelik’s alternate reality: “Mitsotakis follows an aggressive policy, threatens the peace in region”

Greek City Times 30 Jul 2022
“The fact that the Mitsotakis government, which was struggling to pay a few billion euros of the Greek debt, increased the country’s armaments budget by five times, shows to the whole world that Greece has no peaceful disposition and is pursuing an aggressive policy in the Eastern Mediterranean,” he claimed.

What Saudi crown prince’s tour of Greece and France says about Kingdom’s place on the ...

Arab News 29 Jul 2022
Greek Prime Minister ... Saudi-Greek cooperation could transform Greece from a debt-burdened nation into a regional energy, trade, and communications hub connecting Europe and Asia, and into a gateway for new green hydrogen technologies to help the continent realize its net-zero aims.

Earlwood pensioners facing strata bankruptcy saved

Greek City Times 24 Jul 2022
As first reported by The Greek City Times, Nitsa and Spiros Tzavellas, pensioners aged 78 and 81, were forced to put their home of 50 years up for sale after the owners’ corporation voted for upgrades to the building’s windows they could not afford and initiated bankruptcy proceedings to recoup the debt.

European Central Bank raises interest rates for first time in 11 years

The Observer 21 Jul 2022
The ECB raised its three key interest rates to 0.50%, 0.75% and 0% respectively, ending an era of negative rates dating back to the Greek debt crisis of 2012 ... costs despite concerns that debt financing costs would escalate for southern European members of the euro currency bloc.

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