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Market Oracle Fears Surging Margin Debt — What to Do Now

Money and Markets 23 Feb 2021
Speculative stock #bubbles ultimately see the gamblers take on too much debt ... She was a Trojan princess and prophetess in Greek mythology, cursed with the ability to see the future while no one believed her. She warned her countrymen that the Greeks would destroy Troy, and well they probably should have listened to her.

God's grace is infinite

Kingsport Times-News 23 Feb 2021
Editor’s Note ... The Greek word translated “forgiveness” means “to send away.” It speaks of canceling a debt or granting a pardon ... In Christ, God canceled your debt and pardoned your transgressions, and He did so “according to the riches of His grace, which He lavished upon us.” That means you have infinite forgiveness because God’s grace is infinite.

Greek FinMin Unveils Five Initiatives to Support Borrowers and Enterprises

The National Herald 19 Feb 2021
ATHENS -- Greek Finance Minister Christos Staikouras on Friday unveiled a framework of five initiatives aimed at supporting borrowers and banks ... He noted, however, that the non-performing private debt remained at very high levels in the country. The FinMin said that Greek ...

Fitch: Budget balance to convince market

Kathimerini 14 Feb 2021
And we know government debt will be high for a long time ... “At the same time we recognize that there are mitigating factors that support debt sustainability ... Moreover, the average maturity of Greek debt (around 20 years) is amongst the longest across all Fitch-rated sovereigns, reducing the risk from interest rate rises.

Stournaras: EU Funds to Finance Investments Worth €5.5B in Greece

The National Herald 10 Feb 2021
Commenting on the country's public debt, he said that the very low yields of Greek state bonds - mainly as a result of the inclusion of Greek bonds in ECB's PEPP programme, improved its sustainability, although he stressed that it was inevitable for public debt to increase as a result of the fiscal measures taken by the government.

Draghi: Call of duty for Italy's 'Super Mario'

BBC News 10 Feb 2021
"Mario was a team player ... Collaboration and a clear sense of direction ... A traumatic childhood ... "Mario showed technical expertise - but also flair," recalls Mr Stournaras, who became Greek finance minister at the height of the country's debt crisis in 2012 and is now Governor of the Bank of Greece ... The prediction was right ... .

Super Mario – Trying to Prevent ITALEXIT (Italy Exiting EU)

Armstrong Economics 07 Feb 2021
a report from the G30 on the very guy who imposed Negative Interest Rates on the EU in 2014 which has destroyed the EU bond market and set in motion the debt crisis along with NEVER ENDING Quantitative Easing ... For the record and within perspective, the Greek debt in 2010 was… only 146% !!.

Fitch sees debt staying sustainable

Kathimerini 04 Feb 2021
The Greek debt remains sustainable despite the pandemic, thanks to the country’s weapons, but the country’s credit rating won’t reach investment grade for another couple of years, Fitch Ratings estimates.

EU bailout fund chief says high government debt not a concern

Irish Independent 04 Feb 2021
It’s fine for governments to run up high debts during the pandemic, the head of the EU’s bailout fund has said ... The ESM was created in the wake of the Greek debt crisis, as the successor to the bailout fund used to dig Ireland out of debt in 2010 ... to 3pc of GDP and debt to 60pc.

Europe isn’t working

New Statesman 03 Feb 2021
Last March, in a moment of harmonised panic following EU-wide lockdowns, 13 heads of governments, including President Macron, demanded from the EU the issue of common debt (a so-called eurobond) that would help shift burgeoning national debt from the weak shoulders of our states to the EU, so as to avert Greek-style austerity in the next few years.

Bitcoin, Debt And Elasticity: A Rebuttal To Michael Green

Bitcoin Magazine 03 Feb 2021
money exists to extinguish debt, the inelasticity of Bitcoin is a problem, and Bitcoin disincentivizes risk taking ... Money Exists To Extinguish Debt ... Even though debt wasn’t as common during ancient Greek or Roman times, purchases of land and sea voyages were sometimes financed through debt.

Greek economy’s vaccines: QE and cash buffer

Kathimerini 31 Jan 2021
... the negative impact of this excess fiscal spending to the debt sustainability of Greek debt. So, there is no doubt on whether the ECB, and of course the EU Recovery Fund, have both been the main buffers for Greece during this pandemic crisis,” Sokos tells Kathimerini.